Unable to Create a project with STSDEV 2008


I closed all copies of visual studio 2008. I installed by clicking the stsdev2008.msi file. I started up visual studio.
I said create a new Project, microlink, Webpart project.
I gave the project name.
I receive the following error and can not proceed. (A similar note is listed in your issue tracker as a low priority issue for fix later).
I think it is high priority if the product can not be used to create a project until it is fixed.
Unable to copy the file 'CustomWebPart1.webpart' from the project template to the project. Cannot find file "c:\Documents and Settings\localadmin\Local Settings\Temp\c1yzf4hy.4y\Temp\RootFiles\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\WebPart_UserSelfChgPwd\WebParts\CustomWebPart1.webpart".
Help please. I need to create a web part today. I was told I should only create it with STSDEV, but the company has migrated everything to 2008, so
I need to use the 2008 version.
Thanks for your help.


kbench wrote Apr 17, 2009 at 1:35 PM

I tried changing my environment variables for tmp and temp to c:\temp, so there would be no blank spaces.

The problem still persists.
Now the message is:
Unable to copy the file 'CustomWebPart1.webpart' from the project template to the project. Cannot find the file

Please? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

kbench wrote May 5, 2009 at 7:43 PM

Here is more detail on the situation, that I encountered. (The work-around may help someone else in the meantime).

I was able to step back to the prior version of 2008 with no spaces in name, no spaces in directory installing from,
no spaces in the temp path name, and a short 6 character project name.

With these accomodations, I was able to create a project. I believe it has all the pieces in it.
On the current 2/26 build of the current version, I first would get an error about being unable to copy a file, after doing the 3 filename accomdations listed above, then stsdev attempted to create a project. It would either say successful and not have a complete project or it would error our and close Visual Studio. When I reduced the character length of the name of the project, I was finally able to get it to successfully generate a project. But... even with these accomodations, I was not able to get the 2/26 build to succeed in creating a project.

wrote Feb 2, 2013 at 4:56 AM