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Relation to STSDev
The original STSDev was created as a proof of concept application for learning deployment aspects of SharePoint 2007 technologies. The original authors did not intend to maintain the application and limited updates have been contributed by others in the orginal project.
You can read more about STSDev's origins on the STSDev CodePlex Project.
STSDev 2008 Releases
STSDev 2008 has had 4 Releases on CodePlex
  1. STSDev 2008 Version 1.0
    • based on the STSDEV Version 1.2 download code and focused on adding Visual Studio 2008 integration to the STSDEV Version 1.2 base
  2. STSDev 2008 Version 1.1
    • continued the VS 2008 integration path with bug fixes and an enhancement to the WSP Solution File naming.
  3. STSDev 2008 Version 1.2
    • Tthe last stand alone executable version packaged for download. STSDev 1.3 enhancements were merged into STSDev2008 at this point.
  4. STSDev 2008 v2.0
    • introduces Visual Studio 2008 integration through Project Templates available in the New Projects Dialog. From this point, you no longer have to run the stsdev.exe to create your project ahead of launching VS2008. The 2.0 branch uses MSBuild and has not yet incorporated all of the features of the 1.x releases including deploy to bin.

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